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What are TACAL clubs?

TACAL is a mental health charity and the TACAL clubs have been set up to help you speak with people and interact with others.

The TACAL clubs are held weekly around the UK for one hour at a time on an evening.

TACAL clubs are here to help you socialise with others and giving your something to look forward to every week, with biscuits, soft drinks, tea and coffee supplied free of charge.

TACAL clubs are more than just a weekly meeting to chat, TACAL clubs are about interacting, giving you something to look forward to every week, as well as arranging walks with groups in the country side, to help you enjoy the surroundings and to relax and find a new purpose.

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Need to chat?

You can chat with a TACAL member by texting us to 88802


Help us to make a difference


We are funded by people like you, who understand the importance of mental health and helping others. Why not donate a small amount today to help those in need.


We are always looking for volunteers to help support our charity. Either come to our weekly club, or be someone that talks to those who call, we need you.


Come along to an event and enjoy a coffee with other attendees. By being present, available to talk to others, you're helping more than you could even imagine

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Tacal is a registered charity in England and wales No 1191567