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Cycling Clubs

Cycling Clubs

Cycling Clubs

TACAL cycle clubs are designed to get people out and about, mixing and talking with others people.

TACAL cycle clubs help keep your mental state of mind in good health while helping keep your physical health in great shape.

TACAL clubs are all around the UK and we require people to help set up TACAL cycle clubs to help get people out and about.

This isn’t a race to see who’s the fastest, its about gentle exercise and getting people out and about and enjoying life again.

Get your health back in shape, clear your mind, see the beautiful countryside and meet new friends.

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Location: England

Local cycle rides within your local areas.

Date: 2021 Cycle Club Dates

Activity: Cycle Rides

Cycle rides to get you out and about and helping to keep fit and healthy

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Tacal is a registered charity in England and wales No 1191567