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Anxiety feels different for everyone and people react differently to anxiety


Anxiety feels different for everyone and people react differently to anxiety

About Anxiety

Anxiety feels different for everyone and people react differently to anxiety, it’s easy to confuse anxiety as something else, due to how everyone reacts.

People can get confused between stress and anxiety as well as panic attacks, reducing stress levels will help with the anxiety, anxiety is caused by sudden rushes of adrenaline

Have a read of this website which is Anxiety UK  they have a huge amount of information to help you with anxiety.

Anxiety builds by small triggers of stress, can you imagine, your partner invites 10 guests around for dinner, the stress levels rocket as you begin to stress about cooking dinner for 10 others, you then suddenly remember the business meeting via zoom at 11am that lasts for three hours, the children to pick up from school, the food to buy at the supermarket while handling the children who are hyper from school, suddenly you think did I lock the house argh the panic sets in the stress levels rise to over flowing and suddenly anxiety attacks, the heart begins to race, the sweating starts, legs like jelly the symptoms go on. 

As your mind fills up with all these stress triggers, this affects your health greatly, so finding a counter reaction is what’s needed. 

Each individual stress trigger has to have a positive counter trigger, what you have to do is to think of the positive each time plugging the hole the stress trigger is trying to create , for instance 10  around for dinner, think about the opposite the fun and laughter you will be having with these 10 friends, while cooking you can listen to your favourite music or perhaps listen to some soft classic music to calm the nerves helping to relax the mind.

How can anxiety affect you?

  • Sudden vomiting
  • Sweating
  • Heart racing faster than normal
  • Suddenly feeling cold
  • Legs go like jelly
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Sudden fast breathing
  • Restless sleep
  • A tight churning sensation in your stomach

Anxiety can create this tense feeling of being unable to cope and manage, but you’re unsure what you’re not coping with, you’re not sure why you’re stressing, this could be due to work pressure, affecting your private life also, as you’re constantly worried about getting the work done, its best to speak to your manager or boss and explain the situation to them, they will help once they understand the situation, by implementing different processes and procedures for you to better manage your work load.

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks can boil down to time management, your mind goes into overload as it’s trying to organise all the chores and activities you need to undertake each day, this is where panic sets in, stress level rise and anxiety takes over, trying to focus on the positives of each task will reduce that risk of anxiety and panic attacks as the mind is filled with good vibes rather than stressful vibes, just imagine you smashed it at work and got all your emails done with time to spare and then made a few phone calls to clients, that’s a great feeling of achievement.

Perhaps you change your daily routine instead of going shopping at 5pm, you had tea at 5pm and went shopping at 6.30pm when the shops are not so busy, so you can walk around the supermarket more relaxed and without so much stress and rushing sensations around you.

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