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COVID Concerns

Coronavirus has affected so many of us and our loved ones. We are facing challenges we never thought we would have to face in our lifetimes, we are all fighting what is like WW3 without the fighting, we are fighting an invisible killer

COVID Concerns

Coronavirus has affected so many of us and our loved ones. We are facing challenges we never thought we would have to face in our lifetimes, we are all fighting what is like WW3 without the fighting, we are fighting an invisible killer.

About COVID Concerns

Coronavirus has affected so many of us and our loved ones. We are facing challenges we never thought we would have to face in our lifetimes, we are all fighting what is like World War 3 without the fighting, we are fighting an invisible killer.

Covid-19 has made life very hard for a lot of people and in some cases even worse. It’s affected people from all walks of life due to the lockdowns being imposed upon, we all felt like we were in prison! It’s affected people that have never even suffered with any form of mental health issues, in some cases affecting them more than those that are already suffering with their mental health.

Dealing with Covid-19 has not been easy for many, it’s the unusual boredom of being stuck in your home, seeing the same four walls day in day out. Even for those working from home it is still tough, not going in to work and seeing and speaking with your colleagues.

Not being able to do your usual activities has been hard, be that driving to work to see work colleagues and friends or visiting a loved one. It’s been one of the most traumatic times since WW2.

Some of the feelings people who are going through COVID concerns may feel

  • Loneliness
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Panic
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

How to cope with your feelings through COVID

Physical Health

Your physical wellbeing plays an important role within your mental health. If you have good physical health then your mental health and general wellbeing will be far better. Looking after your body is essential for a good state of mind and general wellness.

Water is an important factor and drinking plenty will ensure your body is in great shape. People often think drinking tea, coffee or other drinks is sufficient… it actually isn’t! Coffee has a damaging effect when you’re dehydrated causing the opposite to happen. When your dehydrated this causes dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, loss of balance, fainting, joint pains and aches, headaches and much more, but just drinking plenty of water at once is not the solution as this can cause more vomiting to happen, take sips of water and more often is better until this has passed. Ensuring you drink plenty of water at all times is one of the best things you can do for your body.

A well-balanced diet is important, eating at set times along with good quality food is important to your physical and mental state.

Regular exercise while on lockdown is important, if you happen live in a property where you can’t get outside, try doing things in your home, even if this is squats or marching on the spot and jogging on the spot, star jumps and other similar exercises, keep the body and mind as active as possible as this helps with blood flow for your mental state also.

Feelings of being trapped or claustrophobic

Feeling claustrophobic or trapped can be a scary feeling, which can create panic attacks, trying to keep control of this feeling is essential.

Trying to sit in the garden or on your doorstep will help as the surroundings will be a different view, opening windows for fresh air for a short period of time helps enormously, if it happens to be cold just do this for a short period of time.

Changing your room layout can help with feeling claustrophobic as it gives you a different outlook. Just sitting looking out of a window can help you, perhaps speaking to a friend or loved one on a video call if you have a mobile phone or a webcam via a laptop, again this takes your mind off the claustrophobia situation and focuses on a different situation.

Connecting with others

Finding ways to connect with others is very important, even if this is just a phone call, just like we always used to do a few years ago, before technology came along and took away that personal touch. Text messages, WhatsApp messages, or inbox your family and friends on Facebook, you can call for free via Facebook, perhaps a video call so you can see your loved ones and friends.

Sometimes it’s hard to just talk about random things on the phone, so find ways to help each other with this situation, perhaps suggest watching a TV programme and then talk about that programme when you next ring, this will help pass the time and help take each other’s mind off current lockdown rules.

For those who do not have mobile phones or computers, the situation is even harder, and becomes a very lonely world, so staying active is essential, look at playing cards, reading books, listening to radio stations and try different radio stations compared to normal. Try to stay as active as possible to keep the mind occupied.

Feeling Anxious

If you suffer from time to time with panic attacks, finding neutral grounds within your home is essential, find a place in your home where it calms you and makes you feel relaxed again.

Do’s = Positives – Don’ts = negatives

The key to controlling panic attacks is making two lists, one with do’s and one with don’ts. Making lists helps in so many ways, not just with panic attacks, having lists made for all things including stress, what brings it on? what you are thinking about to make the stress levels increase? and what you do in time to control it? Same with loneliness thoughts, what were you thinking about when you began to feel very lonely? Make lists or keep a record book, give each type a bold heading and lists do’s and don’ts.

Each time you begin to feel anxious and panic attacks set in or you feel lonely or you start to become stressed, go to that section in the book and read the positives. A positive list can have many things on it, from a favourite meal, a person to talk to when you’re feeling low, a family member, a friend, a tv programme, a book or a game, all of these things can be positives, it could be thinking of great times your had like holidays and begin to think of those fond memories.

When your breathing gets worse as the panic attack starts to escalate, try to control this by trying to slow the breathing down and take it under control, grab a book or newspaper and try to start reading to distract yourself. If you have to, start to play a game, distracting the panic attack as much as possible will help bring this under control a lot quicker without it peaking at its worst, getting into a rhythm of control them each time will get better and better over a longer period and in time fully under control.

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