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Handling Stress

This page gives some tips on managing stress and pressures of daily life

Handling Stress

This page gives some tips on managing stress and pressures of daily life

How to manage stress

This page gives some tips on managing stress and pressures of daily life.

Examples of how to handle daily pressures

Many groups or triggers fall under this section and it’s getting to understand them so we can control them.

You may find not having many activities or work to do is just as stressful as having too much to do, everyone reacts differently to each situation.

From the moment you get home to the moment you wake up every morning you will get stressed about the amount of emails to do at work, the pressures from phone calls, meetings, how are you going to get the food in, go shopping for clothing, see friends, arrange a date night out! 

You could be stressed about an elderly relative who needs care, I hope they are okay today, I hope they have eaten, I hope they have taken their medication?

Just the hustle and bustle of dealing with rush hour traffic can be stressful each day, going to work and going home, keeping an extra eye open for those crazy drivers.

Understanding these triggers that cause the stress button to turn on and go full volume needs to be understood, making notes of what’s happening each time you start to feel pressure is a good idea to understand a pattern of triggers, this can then be addressed once you understand the trigger causes.

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Some things can’t be changed

Learning to accept that not everything can be changed is important to understanding and controlling your stress.

Not everything in life can be changed to lower the stress levels, so learning to accept these situations is imperative to your health.

Things like driving to work in rush hour traffic, can’t be changed, so learning to handle this situation will prepare you better for the daily start in the office, as you won’t be stressed when arriving. Try to think of the positive side how you completed all your work each day for the last week, play some music you like rather than listening to the radio and the doom and gloomy news.

Going shopping some people find very stressful as its finding time after a long hard day at the office, switch to doing this on line, this will free up time and allow you more ‘me’ time or more time for elderly loved ones or for your family, you have taken away the stress of the hustle and bustle instantly.

Giving more time and energy for those situations that really do matter.

Getting Organised

Time management is a factor that causes a great deal of stress, as you scream, I don’t know what to do first!!

Organising your time is essential, the best way to do this is to write down each job that is required each day, as you complete each task cross them out and add a big smiley face next to it and a tick of completion and watch that list get completed with pride.

Make sure the list is done in order of importance, having the most important items at the top, do not place all the hard tasks at the top, make sure you mix the list up.

Only carry out one task at a time, from the start to completion, this way you don’t stress about having all these jobs started and you don’t know what to do next as this needs doing and that needs doing and so on.

When you take your breaks, sit down to look at your list of accomplishments, you will be amazed at what you’ve achieved, this again gives you time to chill out on your break and also lifts your spirits as you can see your list is going down.
Carry out online food shops where possible this frees u so much time to allow you to relax more on an evening to enjoy your own time or out family time.

Being organised is just about time management, get the time managed correctly and efficiently and you will never look back, you will be so relaxed and happy with every day as each task gets completed with spare time.

Handling the causes

To take control of the causes of the stress and anxiety its best to write notes, get a diary and each day make a note of what’s happening when the stress trigger happens, or when a panic attack happens, this way you can build a pattern of trigger actions to allow you to work on counteraction to stop these issues causing the problems, you won’t be able to control every aspect of your life as it’s not possible, life would be too boring if that was the case, where would the fun be in that! After all, life is for enjoying and to have fun.

Getting yourself surrounded with very positive people will help you to cope better with each day, not only that it will help with any mental health issues, negative people give you a negative mind, so getting away from a negative situation will help improve your health greatly.

Before a task that you find stressful sit down for ten minutes beforehand and look back at your notes about handling this stressful situation and think of the outcomes rather than the negative side, re-focusing the train of thought is essential for you state of mind, changing your thought process and state of mind improves the quality of so drastically, it will lift such a big weight off your shoulders, not only will it make you feel better mentally, you will feel physically better, you will notice how you look better and how you react to others, it will help improve your posture as you will stand prouder and more confident, body language is a telling story. Don’t let your body language tell you a bad one.

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