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Stress can affect people in so many different ways, so many factors can be the cause of the stress also


Stress can affect people in so many different ways, so many factors can be the cause of the stress also

About Stress

What exactly is stress is it a condition? is it mental health? what are the symptoms?
From time to time we all feel stressed, some of us feel extremely stressed. But what is it, we all feel pressure from workloads, situations that are not our normal day to day activities, we have all said it ‘this is stressful’, its one of our instant reactions to a situation beyond our normal daily activities.

You could have a new job interview and they have asked you to prepare a document to take with you and this is causing you a lot of stress, because its not you’re normal daily activity. You’re not in your comfort zone.

Understanding and managing these situations is what’s required, its unclear what causes you to feel stressed, the medical profession are unsure if this is the cause of the problem or the result of the problem, pinning down exactly what causes the stress is difficult.

Stress can affect people in so many different ways, so many factors can be the cause of the stress also. Many factors are linked, anxiety can cause you to be stressed about why your anxious all the time, this can lead to sleepless nights and issues relaxing, it becomes a big circle that in the end affects your state of mind and health, so can be linked to a mental health issues, even though stress is not a mental health condition on its own.

How can stress affect you?

  • Worrying constantly
  • Drinking more often
  • Biting at skin
  • Sick and dizzy spells
  • Very emotional
  • Snapping at people
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Always procrastinating

What leads to stress?

Many situations can lead to stress, something as simple as the day to day chores, like taking the kids to school, doing the shopping, looking after an elderly parent, taking your own medication for your anxiety, cooking breakfast, getting lunch, making tea all of this is a heavy load and requires management, so struggling with your own mental health conditions can lead to more stress.

Managing the triggers that cause stress levels to rise is important, understanding signs and acting before it’s too late are essential for your own wellbeing. Something as simple as a big heating bill can cause the stress levels to rise, as your concerned about the money so managing this situation will lower the stress levels and give you a better health situation, for instance, a big bill arrives after winter, we all know winter brings additional costs, so before this happens put away in an emergency fund a few extra pounds each month, a few months before hand so that when the big bill arrives, you have a stress free time as you know you have the money saved to manage this, it’s a great feeling knowing you have this bill covered, rather stressing that you cant pay it, you cant buy food this week, cant pay your phone bill, the whole situation becomes a very vicious circle, so handling this from the start is important.

I am just finding myself tired, with headaches and have an upset stomach a lot, and just feel emotional most of the time.

Feeling tired is a common sign of being stressed, being stressed this can lead to poor diets and the circle begins, this then affects your health, causing more tiredness and upset stomachs and headaches.

As with any health condition our bodies have a reaction, its defence mechanism that will try to fight off anything attacking the body that isn’t normal.

So when your feeling like the world is moving fast and your losing control and unable to cope with everything, your body can trigger a defence mode and release cortisol this is a hormone in our body is the bodies defence mechanism, along with cortisol the body will also release adrenaline, these two hormones can make us feel unwell when they are released too much into our body, over releasing these hormones has a long term ill health affect on our body causing us to be unwell which leads to more stress and anxiety issues.

I just feel like my breathing is very shallow, I’m hyperventilating and I’m snapping at people all the time, help me.

There are many situations that cause stress, even something as happy as getting married can cause stress, the run up to the big happy day can be very stressful for everyone, making sure the day goes to plan, everyone arrives, nor family arguments, the bride or groom turns up in one piece !!

Big events in our life lead to other issues like money worries, as they involve spending a great deal of money, weddings are not cheap, so understandably this is going to be a huge stressful time.

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